Will The Frig Stay With The House If It Was Not Placed In The Contract

Dated: 08/25/2018

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Will The Frig Stay With The House If It Was Not Placed In The Contract

We were out and about today showing property in the Anna TX area... My client asked me a question??? Does the Washer, Dryer and Frig come along

with the sale of the house? 

As we continued to view the house we discussed the Washer, Dryer and the Frig... The items are considered personal property and will not stay with the house. 

Unless within the contractual agreement they are placed on a form called NON-REALTY ADDENDUM... 

Image title

What a pretty Stainless Steel Frig this is one might say... Yes it sure is pretty and fits the spot perfectly... Can this item stay... 

Yes it can as long as it  written within the contract and agreed upon by all parties. If it is not placed on the 

NON - REALTY  ADDENDUM  then it will not be staying with the house. 

Appliances that are  built in will stay with the house such as you can see in this photo a built in Microwave this will stay with the house. As a professional Realtor we are here to help you find the perfect house to make a home. 

Understanding the process of finding a house to make a home can seem somewhat overwhelming all the details that one must take

into consideration. That is where we as Professional Realtors come in and help you with this process. 

The first step is to give your  >>>>> local Realtor a call  click on the link <<<<<< and discuss what it is you are  looking for in a house to make a home. 

The next step is to visit with your local lender and find out what loan program works best for you .... FHA, VA, USDA  or  CONVENTIONAL... 

 Each of these loan programs are unique in themselves and offer a different style of loan. We have a list of lenders to referral you to just let us know and we will send the link right on over. 

Which one works best for you.. along with this comes the home  that meets the guidelines of the loan program that works  best for you. 

To start your home Search you can click on the links below. 










Van Alstyne 

We are always out and about helping you with all of your Real Estate needs. Helping you catch a glimpse of the community we call home. 

Please feel comfortable in reaching out to us at 855-483-9662 

Will The Frig Stay With The House If It Was Not Placed In The Contract

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