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Dated: 02/01/2020

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Who supplies the internet service within the Sherwood Shores community located on Lake Texoma?

We get this question asked quite a bit.

So, we asked several of the people who live within the community who supplies the internet service for them.

As we reached out to several of the folks, we helped purchase a home within the Sherwood Shores community who

Helped them with the internet and how was the service this is what the answer has been.

Cable one is who supplies the internet service, although the name has changed to Sparklight.

To learn more about Cableone‚Äôs  Sparklight Services click here <<<<<<<<  

As we inquired more about the service it seems that almost everyone feels that the service provided is much better and

 More reliable than in the past. 


A few stated that they have ATT and used a hot spot such as via their phones.

The rural location and the fact that this community is right along the Oklahoma border means the cell towers can bounce

From Texas to Oklahoma side on a regular basis.

Sherwood Shores is making huge strides in gaining better internet access.

As this community continues to grow the services provided will continue to get better.

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Please feel comfortable reaching out to us with all your questions about Sherwood Shores the community located on the West

End of Lake Texoma.

The Sherwood Shores Community is growing quickly. One of the factors might be the New Mega Star Casino just across the


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Sherwood Shores Lake Texoma Who Supplies Internet Services

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